Brand Marketer, Writer, Entrepreneur, Fashion Theorist, Aesthete

Devin is interested in bridging the gaps between beauty, consciousness, and commerce.

After studying business, art and the humanities in college, Devin became interested in telling meaningful stories and celebrating social practices through the art & science of making clothes; as well as conducting analysis on the wearers and policy makers responsible for creating societal perceptions and power dynamics.

Devin has acquired experience in nearly every facet of the fashion industry from Mood Designer Fabrics to Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, designing private label for national retailers and most recently holding a global marketing position at an NYC based women’s evening dress brand. Devin has received her Master’s degree from Kings College London in Cultural and Creative Industries as well as her BA from New York University in The Psychology of Aesthetics and Fashion Business. Her research and Master’s dissertation was on The Democratization of Personal Brands and prior to that, she has written about Style as Communicative Authority. Devin’s mission is to inspire kindness, passion, and leadership in those around her; with a goal to particularly assist or inspire women on their journey to discover their own power.